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Announcing new book – Darkshines Seven

Darkshines Seven

So my next story is to be called ‘Darkshines Seven’ and will be published in installments (at the moment two, but there is a chance there will be more) Part 1 ‘Beyond Bleeker Hill’ will be published on the Kindle very soon. Although the story can be read as a follow up to ‘Bleeker Hill’ it is very much a story in its own right. Certainly there is more there for those who have read ‘Bleeker Hill’ (and ‘Stone Bleeding’ too for that matter) but I hopefully haven’t made enjoying or understanding the story dependent on it. I would assume, anyway, that if you are the sort of reader that needs everything laid out and coloured in for them, then I’m not really your sort of author in the first place.

Although each part will be released individually on the Kindle first, there will also be a paperback issue that will combine the whole story.

More publication news soon, in the meantime have a look at the really rather cool design by Stew Taylor.

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