Big Vultures and Cold Callers

Well, despite my decision to lay off the novels for a while, I seem to have written a new one. Not quite sure how that happened. I didn’t mean to. I suppose it comes back to that old writer adage of ‘write the book you need to write’ at least that seems the only logical explanation. Despite it being an idea I have had roughed out for years, I didn’t intend to write it yet but the damn thing demanded it. I have already tested out some of the novel with the short play ‘Cold Calling’ that I had performed on the Salisbury Fringe. It was always a story I loved, had characters that I wanted to write for, and ideas I wanted to explore, but I never really had a home for it. The positive response to the play made me revisit the previous draft and work on it again.

Tyler Coombes & Kerry Stockwell in 'Cold Calling'

Tyler Coombes & Kerry Stockwell in ‘Cold Calling’









For anyone that has seen the play and also read my previous novels, you will know that it is a pretty big departure for my writing; a romantic comedy, albeit one laced with biting cynicism. I’m incredibly proud of the novel, and hope that the rocky road to publication doesn’t knock the joy from it. More updates on the novel when I have them.

Augustines performing at The Roundhouse December 2014. Incredible gig!

Augustines performing at The Roundhouse December 2014. Incredible gig!








In other news, the boys at Big Vulture are hard at work compiling together hours of concert footage and interviews for ‘Rise: The Story of Augustines’ the documentary film I am involved with. From talking to Todd, the director, I think the end result is going to be something quite incredible, certainly not your usual music documentary – Augustines aren’t your usual sort of band anyway – and having seen a little bit of footage, I have to say I was slightly in awe of it. Really can’t wait to see the end result and watch the film unleashed on the world. For more film updates you can follow Big Vulture here


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