Bleeker Hill & Darkshines Seven ebook re-release

Bleeker HillDarkshines Seven Part 3: Storm Tail











Very pleased that both Bleeker Hill and Darkshines Seven are to be re-released as eBooks through Matador. This means that rather than being available just for the Kindle and solely on Amazon as they both are now, they will be available on all other devices and other distributors too. The one downside to this however is that it means, due to both originally being exclusive to Amazon, all reviews attached to the eBook versions will be removed. Which is essentially all of them (another sign that people are buying eBooks and not paperbacks – but let’s not have that argument) So it would be a great help if those who have already posted reviews would re-post them when the new listing is live. I shall no doubt make grovelling pleas on social media as well when they are live. Impossible to overstate how important reviews are to authors.

The other difference will be that Darkshines Seven will be released as one story rather than a trilogy. It will also be marketed as a direct sequel to Bleeker Hill. Because it really is. Editing the three stories into one volume it became clear that so much in Darkshines – small nuances, in-jokes, and events – stems from knowledge of Bleeker Hill, and whilst having previously read Bleeker Hill shouldn’t be necessary to enjoy Darkshines Seven, it just felt right to go down this route with it. I also didn’t want to look like I was duping any new readers. Also, doing it this way it leaves the door open to make Bleeker Hill a trilogy…

Both new eBooks should be live next month.



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