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Introducing the new novel – Cold Calling

Cold CallingMy latest novel, Cold Calling’ is published on 28th March 2016 in paperback and as an eBook.

A big change of genre for me, the story is one that I have worked on, in different mediums, for a number of years. Originally an un-filmed screenplay, sections of the story were subsequently reworked into the short play that debuted on the Salisbury Fringe in 2014. After the positive reaction to the play I felt it was possible that the story, with some restructuring, could work as a full novel.

A comedy, in essence, Cold Calling centres on a relationship between cold caller, Ray, and coffee shop owner, Anya, played out entirely over the phone. I wanted to take the traditional notion of a ‘boy-meets-girl’ story, and wonder what would happen if the boy never actually met the girl. Take out any physical attraction from the relationship, and the potential complications or misjudgements that brings, and focus on a different, deeper connection. But then, can there be anything real in a phone conversation?

Hope you enjoy it!

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