Stone Bleeding

Stone Bleeding

Britain has broken. Anarchy and mayhem have finally become a way of life. The system has shut down and politics has imploded. Even being famous doesn’t mean as much as it once did. Nowadays it’s friend vs. friend, celebrity vs. celebrity and reality vs. fiction. Of course it was all shown on television, so perhaps you watched it?

But even in hell there are love stories left to tell…Meet Zach, Albie and Archie, three nobodies with something to say; the private detective on a case that threatens his own sanity, TV’s former golden girl who just wants out, and the voice of the people, now the country’s most wanted man. A trio of interconnected lives and loves recounted in reverse and wrapped around the dark mystery of a country at war with itself. Through their reflections, confessions and memories a chillingly twisted portrait of a world, not too dissimilar to our own, is slowly revealed.

Blending unsettling drama with a wicked streak of humour, Stone Bleeding is a story of worth amongst the worthless, hope amongst the hopeless and love amongst the loveless.

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