Cool Blokes: Decent Suits & ‘Suits 2’ Back From The Cleaners

Cool Blokes: Decent Suits

All it took was a phone call…

Two professional bad boys with an eye for the finer things in life; good music, beautiful women and…decent suits. Awaiting word from their boss, time ticks on and tension grows into an aggressive confrontation of lies, half-truths and double cross.

Who is pulling the strings? Why have they been chosen? Most importantly though, who is wearing the better suit?

Cast –

Cool Blokes: Decent Suits

Quinn – Colin Burden

Hammersmith – Paul Rudelhoff

‘Suits 2′ – Back From The Cleaners

Quinn – Colin Burden

Hammersmith – David Taylor

Produced by The Bootleg Theatre Company

Cool Blokes: Decent Suits performed at The Old Red Lion Theatre, London & Salisbury Arts Centre (2002)

‘Suits 2′ – Back From The Cleaners performed at Salisbury Playhouse (2003)


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