The Seventeenth Valentine

The Seventeenth Valentine

A bittersweet comedy for young lovers, old romantics and all the cynics in between.

Former lawyer and professional alcoholic, Sam Valentine-Sheldon lives a quiet hermit like existence in his luxurious house on the Wiltshire and Hampshire border. Sharing the house but not much else is Lizette, Sam’s wife. Stuck in a loveless marriage the Valentine-Sheldon’s grind through their life barely speaking. Sam hiding from the world and Lizette looking for a way back in.

Then one long and stormy night everything changes with a knock at the door…


Sam – Nicholas Lumley

Lizette – Kerry Stockwell

Royston – David Corden

Ronnie – Julia Savill

Produced by Lappaman Productions

Performed at The White Bear Theatre, London & Studio Theatre, Salisbury (2008)

Photo courtesy of The Salisbury Journal

Independent review

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